Want to set a beautiful table that is the ultimate in versatility? One that can go from casual to formal, making it appropriate for just about any occasion? Start with Courtly Check.

Courtly Check is our signature pattern, and we’re celebrating its 25th birthday all month in Simply Smashing September. It’s been around so long because it is a classic, says Rebecca Proctor, our creative director and chief brand officer.

“Our Courtly Check pattern is timeless, and it reminds us of pieces of history, palace floors, antique textiles, baroque paintings, and tapestries,” says Rebecca. “It’s incredibly versatile and can feel both modern and traditional. We always play with these contrasts, so it really is perfectly emblematic of what we do.”

For setting the table with Courtly Check, Rebecca likes combinations that link to the black in Courtly Check and play with pattern and color. Begin with a ceramic Courtly Check Fluted Dinner Plate, which is considered one of our classic Aurora Artisanal pieces. Handmade, fired, glazed, fired again, hand-painted, fired again, and lustred on the edges, each plate is stamped by the artisans in Aurora, New York, who are involved in its creation.

Then, add any of these plates on top:

Black Flower Market Salad/Dessert Plate: A garden-fresh enamelware design, color-glazed in black and hand decorated with floral transfers. The mix and match colors are a classic pairing with Courtly Check.

Iris Thistle & Bee Salad Plate: Thistle & Bee is part of our collection of porcelain dinnerware. Handcrafted in Portugal, this plate features a magnificent purple bloom on a field of color-dragged Courtly Stripes, which complement Courtly Check.

Mist SoHo Salad Plate: This stylish piece features a textured surface created by random drops of wax that burn off after firing, leaving a combination of matte and glossy surfaces, which gives each plate its own unique personality. It’s finished with hand-applied gold lustre and a small rim of Courtly Check transfers. Both features are repeated in the Courtly Check dinner plate.

Cabbage Rose Fluted Luncheon Plate: A lovely mishmash of spots, stripes, and squiggles that are hand-painted by our artists in Aurora. The rippling edge of this ceramic plate features small black strokes that play off Courtly Check.

Rebecca also suggests putting Courtly Check plates on top of the larger SoHo Chargers in Platinum and Gold. Like the Courtly Check ceramic plates, these have gold lustre edges, and their design of random graphic dots makes for an interesting contrast with the hand-painted checks of Courtly Check.

Want even more combinations? Check out this video, which focuses on combining Courtly Check enamelware with various colors of our Flower Market collection.

We often call Courtly Check an “underpinning,” because it’s the  foundation of everything we do. We’re sure when you start with Courtly Check, you’re sure to find something that is fresh and fun for your table.




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