After a summer of dinners outside, stargazing, drippy ice cream cones, and hopefully lots of use, your outdoor furniture is probably in need of a little love. So before summer is over and you pack it up for the season, here are some general guidelines for caring for our outdoor furniture from our furniture product manager, Suzanne Patterson.

“Even though it might sound obvious, to get the most longevity out of your outdoor furniture it never hurts to care for it, cover it up, and move it to a safe space before harsher weather heads your way.  Putting in a little maintenance here and there will keep pieces looking good,” says Suzanne.

Here are some basic care guidelines:

To clean the frame: Before you cover and store for the winter, you’ll want to thoroughly wipe down the frame to get rid of any accumulated dirt or grime. Wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth and a solution of water and mild dish detergent. Dry completely and then store.

For cushion stains:

Cleaning mold and mildew: While our Sunbrella fabric cushions don’t promote mold growth, mold can grow on substances on the cushion if they’re not removed. To zap mold and mildew, spray the entire area of the cushion (spraying the whole thing prevents water rings) with a solution of one cup bleach, one-fourth cup mild dish soap, and one gallon of water. Let the solution soak in for fifteen minutes and then clean the surface with a clean towel or soft bristle brush.  Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

For more specific stains:

Berry stains: Combine one-fourth cup dishwashing liquid and one-half cup or one cup white vinegar per one gallon of water. Clean with a towel or soft bristle brush and let dry.

Ketchup, mustard, bird droppings, coffee, juice, and tea: Combine one-fourth cup dishwashing liquid per one gallon of water. Clean with a towel or soft bristle brush and let dry.

Butter, salad dressing, suntan lotion, tomato juice, and tree sap:  Apply cornstarch to absorb as much of the stain as possible, remove excess with a straight edge, and clean up the residual with dishwashing liquid and water and let dry.

Candle wax: Apply a heated iron over a towel and then treat with isopropyl alcohol. Then clean with one-fourth cup dishwashing liquid per one gallon of water. Let dry completely.

Wine: Combine one-fourth cup dishwashing liquid, one-third cup white vinegar, and one-half to one cup isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide per one gallon of water.

With a little care now, you’ll be enjoying our outdoor furniture pieces for years to come!

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