So you’ve been gifted or treated yourself to one of our gorgeous tea kettles, but now what? Obviously use it to make tea to your heart’s content but admit it, you’re a little nervous on how to keep that stovetop stunner in tiptop shape. But really, less is more when it comes to caring for this item. See below for our cleaning tips:

While the surface is strong and durable, and meets the highest US standards of food safety, these pieces aren’t indestructible. So obviously take care when using or storing, because scratches, chips, and dents can happen if you’re not careful.

Daily care: Wash using a nonabrasive dish soap and soft sponge, and then dry immediately. This will extend the life of the finish.

In case of rust: If you leave water sitting in the tea kettle rust stains or mineral deposits can form. To remove them, fill the kettle with water, add two tablespoons of baking soda, and the juice of a half of a lemon. Boil four to five minutes, rinse and dry.

Marks from silverware or to remove burnt on food: Apply a paste of baking soda and water and rub gently to remove marks. To remove burnt-on food, loosen with the same solution, then use a nylon or wooden scraper to remove the rest.

Other tips you might find helpful:

 Never boil tea kettles dry, it can damage the finish.

Allow the kettle to cool before refilling.

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