There are so many exciting things going on this month, especially in our design department, where right now we are wrapping up our spring 2015 collection. (But I’ll talk more about that later.) We’ve all been so busy tidying up every last little detail for the launch that there is never much time for anything else. The run-up to every launch always involves a lot of late nights, furious bouts of text messages back and forth especially during the photo shoots, and we usually find ourselves working right up to the very last minute. But between changes in paint colors, tying of ribbons, making decisions on our trim details, and (possibly my favorite part) making the final textile choices, it’s always important to squeeze in as much fun as possible. So even in the midst of our fast-paced work process, I’m always on the lookout for new favorite things.

My friends will tell you that I use the word favorite rather liberally and that I have a lot of favorite things, but I can’t help myself when I get really excited about something. So at this very moment, here are a few of my favorite discoveries (or rediscoveries as it may be):

Favorite Lunch Spot in Upstate New York: Hurd Orchards. A must-have experience for anyone desiring a real on-the-farm, farm-to-table experience.The watercress in my salad was picked from their stream five minutes before it was placed on my plate. Treat yourself to one of the loveliest afternoon lunches in this incredibly bucolic setting. Reservations required.

Hurd Orchards

Favorite Summertime Enamelware Piece: White Flower Market Serving Bowl. Its 12″ diameter is the perfect size for your ultimate garden salad.

White Flower Market Serving Bowl

Favorite Essential Kitchen Tool: Microplane. This is a must-have tool for the kitchen, but especially useful for summer cooking. The Microplane is best for making fresh lemon and orange zest; fantastic in everything from pasta to buttercream icing and beyond.


Favorite Pick for a Father’s Day gift: Pig Grill. This fabulous terra cotta grill is great for outdoor cooking: vegetable kebobs, corn, or anything you cook on your regular grill.

Pig Grill

Favorite Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel. If we ever made a film about MacKenzie-Childs, the wonderful Wes Anderson would be my director of choice; his humor, wit, use of color, and sense of proportion are all absolutely exquisite. The film’s score by Alexander Desplat, with cimbaloms, balalaikas, yodeling, and beautiful orchestrations seriously takes the cake.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Happy Friday!

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  1. Tracy Dunphy says:

    Stepping outside the box of the normal routine of a hectic life, sometimes with a tiny bit of extra effort, allows us to experience something that helps carry us through the craziness of our day. A precious, private thing that one can reflect on and bring forward when one needs to slow down. Thanks for reminding me to step out on the deck once and awhile to listen to the birds champion the beginning of a new day!!

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